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    This area lists e-marking software that assists a teacher to provide feedback and/or marks onto the student's submitted work item work prior to return. For example,  annotation tools, electronic 'marksheet' software or spreadsheets, essay 'mark-up' for word proecessing packages and rubric tools.
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    e-Marking Assistant and e-Rubric Assistant
    (Dr Peter Evans, University of Southern Queensland).
    Commercial software. Note: There is a free version called e-Rubric Assistant that has a reduced feature set.

    e-Marking Assistant is a M.S. Word toolbar that allows you to:

    • build and use detailed teacher comment banks containing reusable comments containing text, images, links and audio
    • create and use automated marking and grading rubrics
    • record audio comments within Word and embed them into the assignment
    • do a Google search for a highlighted phrase and many other time saving tasks

    A free webinar on the use of e-Marking Assistant is run on a monthly basis (see and a short 6 minute video demo of e-Marking Assistant is at

    A user community is available at

    Dr Evans also maintains a large list of e-marking tools online at

    A Transforming Assessment webinar was conducted on 18 Aug 2010 that focused on e-Marking Assistant. See for the recording.

    RemarksPDF and RemarksXML
    (Professor Stephen Colbran, The University of New England)
    Commercial software (note remarksPDF was free to Australian Universities until 2011 and remarksXML is free to Australian Universities until 2013).

    RemarksPDF facilitates annotation and grading of student submitted PDF files. It has a wide variety of mark-up tools, text comment banks, audio comments, marking by rubric rubrics, key-coded highlighting, customisable stamps, automatic tallying of grades, charts, and storage of marks in a local database.

    A short introduction video is at

    A film of the Markpad iPad version integrated with ReMarksPDF can be found at

    RemarksXML is a customised M.S. Word tool bar that permits document mark-up, comment libraries, annotation, marking and audio comments.

    A Transforming Assessment webinar was conducted on 2 May 2012 that focused on ReMarksPDF. See for the recording.

    (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
    Commercial? A time limited trial is available to non-HKUST users. Free to HKUST users only. (However no further licensing or price information is available from the site)
    This is a M.S. Word tool bar to assist with the mark-up, commenting and grading of written student submissions. This is one part of a suite of tools targeted at English as a Second (or foreign) Language learners and teachers.

    Computer Aided Feedback and Assessment System (CAFAS)
    (Dr Denise Wood and Mr Martin Freney, University of South Australia)
    Creative Commons/Free.
    Based on a 'marking sheet'/rubric concept. It is an online system (permitting home institution logon for Australian Universities). The online system can be customised to suit the terminology used in each organisation. Assessments can be organised into courses, semesters and assessment items. Each assessment item can have customised weighted assessment criteria using a mix of sliders, standards based rubrics and auto/custom comment lists. Grades are tallied and fed into a built in grade book. An earlier, basic version of the tool is also available as a downloadable M.S. Excel workbook.

    (Dr Mathew Hillier)
    A branch from CAFAS project above. This project attempted fill the gap in the above project by bringing some of sophistication of the online only version to the off-line version as an enhanced series excel workbooks.
    This set of linked M.S. Excel workbooks aims to cut down on the administrative aspects of marking, double entry of data and to improve marking work-flows. Enhanced features include whole course grade tracking/collation, quick insertion of comments from a comment bank (that are editable on-the-fly) and bulk printing of student feedback sheets to individual PDFs.

    Download an example set of workbooks (this is beta standard).

    A presentation on slide share of e-Marking with excel.

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    Massey University, New Zealand.

    Lightwork is a free, opensource application for the management and marking of assignments. In addition to making the process of working with assignments more efficient, Lightwork aims at encouraging good marking practices. Lightwork is open source software which is designed to work in conjunction with Moodle. It builds on the assignment functionality Moodle offers and adds features that help with the marking tasks.

    Lightwork is made up of two components, a server component that must be installed into Moodle and a client application where the marking processes occur. The client application runs on the user's personal computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux). It connects to the institution's Moodle installation and works together with the assignment module and Gradebook in Moodle. Students still submit their assignment work to Moodle and receive their marks and feedback via Moodle. Students do not interact with Lightwork directly. After having established the assignment specification in Moodle, the teacher and their markers use Lightwork to manage the marking and to perform the marking tasks.

    Information site:
    Development Code Site (download server and client components):
    Test moodle server (you can try it here using the client without having to install the server component on your own servers):

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    Scoris Assessor
    RM assessment UK
    This is an e-Marking system that handles scanned copies of hand written exam scripts. It includes a client end marking application and an administration system on the back end. More information is at

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